FUP much?


FUP, FUPping, FUPpers.

F.U.P. stands for “Front Urban Poaching” and it’s all about having fun in your own backyard. In this case, that backyard is Portland, Maine, and generally pertains to skiing local terrain that affords a mini-backcountry experience without the two-plus-hour drive. Call me cheap or call me lazy but about five years ago I got totally turned off to paying for a lift ticket just to wait in a lift line only to have some wanker from Massachusetts stepping on my skis. Portland is a fairly hilly town but most of it’s developed so we’re always scoping out potential locations like this back entrance to a local supermarket.


At about thirty degrees this slope was steep enough to get us through the five inches of pow. However, the challenge here wasn’t skiing, it was skiing lightly. Underneath those five powdery inches was a half-inch layer of crust, which, when broken through, grabbed our skis and dug into our ankles. Not easily deterred, we trashed this little slope and then headed on to whiter pastures. Literally.

When we arrived on Munjoy Hill , there was only one other party vying for the slope – some young dad and his two-year-old. No competition there. This location overlooks the city and Back Cove. Not a bad place to take in the sunset and an even better place to FUP. The afternoon sun had forced the recent powder to meld with the underlying crust and now it was all sugary goodness. And some clumps of weeds. Isn’t that what metal edges are for?

Flasks are for FUPs. Chris: “It’s just water.” Paul: “Really?”

And flasks. Let’s not forget about flasks, people. This was a Sunday, after all. As I write this the temp outside just hit fifty and our next possible chance of snow is five days away. Maybe. Time to reach for the running shoes and break out a snow dance. Soundtrack suggestions anyone? In the meantime, I’m off to¬†Homegrown Herb & Tea for MFMO.



And so, we leave you with this little montage of the days events. Thanks for stopping by.



4 Replies to “FUP much?”

    1. That’s so cool! I always watned to learn how to ski but quite honestly never had the guts. I mean in one hand you have loads of fun from skiing but on the other you have slamming your face on water so hard it feels like asphalt. However, like you said, it takes time so hopefully next time I go to the beach, I’ll finally decide to give it a shot!

  1. My family has a lake house too but its much cleosr to here in Rutherford County. I don’t ski but I love being pulled behind a boat going really fast on a inter tube; its always a lot of fun to see how long I can hang on before the driver slings me off into the water. Its really fun to stand up on the inter tube without using my hands and testing how long I can balance before I hit the cement surface of the water. I hope you continue to love and enjoy ski for years to come.

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